Hello I'm Gabriel

I have a great life and am willing to share it with the world. My life has been a constant roller coaster of ups and downs, but lately it’s been looking up. For many years I wanted to write a book – but with the internet the “me” book just doesn’t seem to be the way to go anymore. Instead I have created this website that serves a couple of purposes in my mind.

First it is a business resource for friends, family, investors and potential customers of adaptiveARC. The business side of it will illustrate the development of the ce25, the first product that adaptiveARC brought to market.

On a more personal level it has allowed me to create a personal memoir of my life. I plan on enjoying this part and hope you will too.

Finally it allows friends, family, associates and people in general to track my many adventures. I'm not a big facebook fan, so this is my contribution to the web.

So take a look if you’re interested! By the way, the business portions of the site are password protected, so email me if you need a password to view it. Please include information about who you are and why you are interested.

You’ll understand why after I grant you access. For general information about my business visit

Tid Bits

Just a couple of pics:


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